čtvrtek 30. října 2014


ZAKRYNYCNY - BRNO V IMPRESI    -     ISBN: 978-80-260-0212-3

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European painting 20th - 21st centuries  Modern painting - Europe
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Zakrynyčny, Viktor, 1967- evropské malířství 20.-21. století moderní malířství Evropa  
umělecké náměty Brno (Česko) obrazové publikace,  [68] s. : barev. il. ; 21 x 22 cm

He always rushes as a flood, and could easily power a mill wheel by his inner energy. I was thinking: where does he gain his energy from? realizing, after he leaves, I am left richer thanks to his knowledge as again he goes somewhere into the world to get a new inspiration for his paintings.
We witness an honest push of positive energy encaptured by us all, who choose to draw from thus by means of
galleries, exhibition rooms or by visiting Brno cafés. According to the reactions of my Gallery visitors,
I have to say - success! After all everyone, who is going trough this book, has made their own opinion on Viktor's work.
It is inappropriate to influence your perception with subjective outlooks, and anybody else’s verdicts.
Speaking for myself, Viktor's work gives me great pleasure and has pride of place in my home.
 I was drawn into the stories of Viktor's paintings and became part of the wonderful walks through Brno's alleys. The memories from past up to present constantly return to me. The amazing atmosphere of light and colour was captured, so I am leaving with the warmth in my soul and with a smile on my face. Today that’s by no means a small feat Maestro, thank you very much.    MILOŠ BOGUŠOVSKÝ, Collector of Art, Brno